FRP Roofing Sheets

FRP Corrugated Sheets Natural / Translucent colour / Opaqe

FRP Coloured Sheets

FRP Panel / Profile

FRP Insulated Panel
FRP Matched With Metal Panel / Translucent Panel
FRP Industrial Gutters / Cable Tray

FRP Panel / Profile

Our range of machine made FRP panel and profile, which are available with features like light in weight, high strength, corrosion resistant, electrical and thermal insulation and others. Some of the features of our fiber glass panel are
  •  Uniform thickness
  •  Resistant to ultraviolet rays
  •  Resistant to chemical corrosion
  •  Weather resistant and self-clean ability
  •  Excellent yellowness resistant
  •  Strong impact resistant and low bending rate
  •  No cracking phenomenon when driving nails in roof installation
  •  No cracking and water leakage in nail driving place
FRP Panel
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